Bridgeport, Waterbury, Ansonia, Hamden, and CREC are just some of the districts opting to go virtual, at least home temporarily, following the Thanksgiving holiday.  In a joint memo, the State Departments of Education and Health say they, “do not think arbitrary, date-based closures of school are warranted at this time.” In response, the state's education labor unions drafted their own memo saying the state's position, “contradicts our core principles for assuring students’ and staff health and safety.” FOX61 talked with State Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona. He maintains that while spreading in the community, the virus isn’t spreading within the schools. "If that weren’t the case Matt, I’d be the first one to say shut down all the schools. If it was spreading within our schools, I would say shut them down. It is not spreading within our schools we have to maintain the social and emotional well-being of our learners are long as we can because we know remote learning does not compare to in-person learning," said Commissioner Cardona. The labor unions agree education is best in the classroom. But they say the state can’t claim spread isn’t occurring in the schools when there is no regular recurring testing strategy. Donald Williams is the Executive Director of the Connecticut Education Association. He said, "If we can’t do it with all students and staff every week then we ought to do it on a random basis.


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